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July 8 - 14, 2002, US Virgin Islands - Caneel Bay Resort

<">Caneel Bay

Caneel Bay is an exciting, exclusive resort nestled on the remote island of St. John, in the heart of the United States Virgin Islands. Here, you'll explore seven beautiful beaches or dive into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, perfect for swimming, sailing and snorkeling. Founded by Laurance Rockefeller in 1955, Caneel Bay has seven secluded beaches which border an expansive paradise of 170 lush acres. In this pristine setting, comfortably elegant resort accommodations showcase beautiful vistas of ocean or gardens, yet the structures -- artfully built in the landscape -- are barely in view. Caneel Bay remains purposefully absent of modern glitz as well as digital and electronic distractions (no TVs or telephones in the rooms) -- it's a place where a wake-up knock replaces a wake-up call and the furious pace of the world at home becomes a remote memory.

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Park entrance is a short drive from our door. There is an easy 3 mi. loop teeming with wildlife and wildflowers.

Four White Ibis.

There are about 7 baby 'gators on this log. Can you spot them?

Yellow-crowned Night Heron (I think?).

Alligator on yonder river bank.

YIKES!!! Almost stepped on the alligator! Now that would make the hike VERY interesting.

He's ten feet long...maybe 12', or 14'?? Didn't measure.

Keep your pets on a leash folks.

The end of another little dayhike.

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