November 23,1999 - Guadalupe Mountains Nat'l Park

Guadalupe Mtns. N,P,Rising from the desert, this mountain mass contains portions of the world's most extensive and significant Permian limestone fossil reef. Also featured are a tremendous earth fault, lofty peaks, unusual flora and fauna, and a colorful record of the past. Guadalupe Peak, highest point in Texas at 8,749 feet; El Capitan, a massive limestone formation; McKittrick Canyon, with its unique flora and fauna; and the "bowl", located in a high country conifer forest, are significant park features. Established: September 30, 1972. Acreage: 86,416. The park celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1997.

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Overlook leaving Carlsbad Nat'l Park.
What kind of cactus it this?.

"Leaving New Mexico.
Approaching Guadalupe Mountains on US 62.
With the summit in sight, I didn't think I'd make it.

She really can't believe she made it.

After "only" five hours, we made it!.

This family from Coppell, Tx made it!

Signing guest book.

"We're on top of the World!" (Texas, that is).


Looking north over Guadalupe Mountains.

Top of El Capitan from Guadalupe Peak. For more information on what to do and see, click on Guadalupe Mountains .

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